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Industrial Drafting Services in Glen Mills, PA

Glen Mills, PA is located in Delaware County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It’s part of Concord Township and exists about 30 miles to the west of Philadelphia, PA. The Glen Mills area has a rich and storied history. Its first settler was George Cheyney, whose name was the inspiration for the nearby town of “Cheyney. A portion of the Glen Mills area was given to William Penn in 1681 by King Charles II to pay his debt to Penn’s father.

Glen Mills, PA Industrial Drafting
Glen Mills, PA BIM Modeling Services

Glen Mills, PA BIM Modeling Services

Drafting By Design provides Engineering and Manufacturing support services and more to Glen Mills, PA. We work with a variety of design applications, including part and tooling design, machine design, commercial and custom home design, and consumer products, as well as facilities management and documentation. We also provide complete assistance and integration to all areas of manufacturing. We’ve developed highly successful methods for developing, designing, and building projects that require a minimum of financial investment, personnel, and time to complete. Are you in the Glen Mills area and in need of industrial drafting services? Get in touch with Drafting By Design for all of your drafting services needs.

Our Mission

Drafting By Design is a full service drafting and design firm, specializing in mechanical, industrial, architectural and custom home design, and visualization. Using the latest in technology, their capabilities include 3D Computer aided designs, 2D computer drafting and design, 3D solid modeling, computer aided manufacturing, and animation.

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